Grasovka – The vodka with real bison grass

The extracts attained from the buffalo or bison grass spear give GRASOVKA its mild-fruity taste of woodruff and its own fine smell. Simultaneously, taste and smell of GRASOVKA are the decisive distinctive features compared to all other vodka brands.

GRASOVKA – the original vodka speciality from Poland – is drunk mainly in its pure form thanks to its pleasant and fine nuances of taste – by men as well as by women.
Those who like mixes are recommended “GINGER BISON”: GRASOVKA on ice with Ginger Ale added in dependence on taste. Refreshing and easy to mix.

Grasovka Apple & Pear

Grasovka Rhubarb

Sparkling Blue Bison

Grasovka Citrus

Grasovka Rhab Delight

Grasovka Ginger Bison


Grasovka Orange

Grasovka Berry


Grasovka Moscow Mule

Grasovka Pear

Grasovka Ginger-Lemonade

Grasovka Honey Mule



Grasovka Cherry

Grasovka Peach